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Sit back, Relax and Let Us Keep You Warm

Do you forget to check your oil tank?

Rely on a family member?

Have an elderly relative?

Busy family life?

Work long hours?

Have a holiday let?

If this sounds familiar then look no further as we are here to help with our Never Run Out programme!

Running out of heating oil is bad enough for most of us but it can have a devastating impact on vulnerable people. With the current struggles of everyday life, it is difficult to ensure that all the needs of our vulnerable people are met and therefore easy to forget about their oil tank. Heating & hot water is a necessity, don’t risk running out, let us take that pressure off of your shoulders with our Never Run Out programme.

This scheme is also perfect for busy families and those who work long hours. At this time of year it’s usually dark both when we go and come home from work and there’s nothing more frustrating than late night tank dips in the pitch black.

Do you have a holiday let that you are unable to regularly visit? As either a valuable source of income or a second home, we want to help you safeguard your investment. Running out of oil can have a negative impact on your heating system, the sludge that builds up at the bottom of your tank can block your central heating system and lead to costly repairs.

The Details:

As part of the Never Run Out Programme, we fit a state-of-the-art tank monitor to your tank. The monitor uses ultrasonic waves to gauge the level of oil in your tank and tells us as soon as it reaches a certain level. We then automatically generate a ticket at our daily price and schedule a fuel delivery.

With our Never Run Out Programme, we guarantee you won’t run out of oil. If you do, we will cover the cost of the plumber to bleed your system!

The Benefits:

  • No installation fee
  • No hidden costs
  • Pay our daily price for your fuel – no inflated prices
  • No more late-night oil dipping in the cold
  • No more running out of heating oil
  • No cold showers

The Not So Small Print:

If you sign up to our Never Run Out Programme, you are agreeing to a three-year-supply agreement with us. There is a £6 monthly data and administration charge to run the programme and a Direct Debit is required.

Heard enough, how do I sign up?

Call our friendly sales team on 01837 55700 and we will send you more details about our Never Run Out Programme and arrange a site visit.

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