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What to Expect with Oil Tank Replacement

Planning to replace your oil tank, but not sure what it entails? This article will give you a clearer idea of what to expect when you get a brand new tank installed. Aside from the obvious benefits, what is the replacement process like?

The Process Step-by-Step

Once you’ve scheduled your tank replacement, the team will arrive with everything they need to remove your old tank and install a new one. You should let them know ahead of time if there are any concerns, such as limited access to the tank or other accessibility concerns.

Step One: The remaining oil in the tank will be pumped out and into a container where it will be stored during the installation.

Step Two: Your old tank will be removed and taken away. The company will dispose of it properly to avoid environmental issues and stay in line with the latest regulations.

Step Three: The area is inspected and a plan for the new tank is set up. In most cases, the new tank can simply be installed in the same place with no further effort. However, if your old tank was a decade or more in age, there may be new building regulations that must be adhered to.

Step Four: Any necessary changes will be made to the area where the new tank is to be installed.

Step Five: The new tank is correctly installed and set up to ensure it meets the requirements for your building.

Step Six: The saved oil will be pumped into the new tank and everything will be started up to ensure it works properly before the team leaves.

You now have a fully functional, brand new oil tank that should last you at least another 15 years, if not longer. The company is responsible for removing any sludge or waste oil that may come about from the installation, since this is considered environmental waste and must be disposed of with great care.

How Long Does Oil Tank Replacement Take?

It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to replace an oil tank, so you can easily schedule it for a half-day that you’re free. A professional company won’t require you to empty the tank before replacing it. They can transfer the fuel easily to the new tank.

If you are in need of a brand new oil tank, talk to Moorland Fuels today to find out how our payment plan works. We make it easy to get your new tank set up and running without financial worry.